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Antalya, a coastal gem in Turkey, offers you a mesmerising blend of history, sunshine, and stunning landscapes. Nestled along the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, it beckons with ancient ruins, golden beaches, and vibrant markets.

Begin your journey in the heart of the city, where narrow cobbled streets wind their way through the historic district. Marvel at the Hadrian's Gate, an impressive relic of the Roman era, and explore the enchanting old town, Kaleiçi. Here, you'll find charming cafes and local shops where you can immerse yourself in the local culture.

As you wander through this historic haven, you'll stumble upon the incredible Antalya Museum. Discover an extensive collection of artefacts that unveil the city's rich past. The museum's exhibits provide fascinating insights into the civilisations that once thrived here.

Antalya's natural beauty is equally captivating. Venture to Konyaaltı Beach or Lara Beach for a day of sun-soaked relaxation. Dip your toes into the crystal-clear waters and relish the warmth of the Mediterranean sun on your skin.

For those with a taste for adventure, explore the Düden Waterfalls, a breathtaking natural wonder just a short drive from the city center. Feel the cool mist on your face as you witness the water cascading from the cliffs into the sea below.

As the sun sets, head to one of Antalya's many seafood restaurants to savor the freshest catches of the day. Feast on delectable dishes while gazing out at the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean.

Antalya invites you to uncover its historical treasures, bask in the sun's glory, and indulge in the flavours of the sea. It's a destination that promises an unforgettable experience, where you can create lasting memories at every turn. So, pack your bags and embark on an adventure that will leave you with cherished moments to treasure.

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Aspendos Theatre
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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Antalya is during the spring and autumn months, from April to June and September to November. During these periods, the weather is pleasantly mild, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing. You can explore historical sites, relax on the beaches, and enjoy the natural beauty of the region without the intense summer heat.

For those who enjoy cultural experiences, consider planning your visit during special occasions and festivals. Antalya hosts various events throughout the year, such as the Antalya International Film Festival in October, which showcases the latest in Turkish and international cinema.

Additionally, the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival in September celebrates the art of filmmaking. These festivals offer a unique opportunity to engage with the local arts and culture scene.

If you prefer a quieter and more tranquil atmosphere, visit in late spring or early autumn, when the city is less crowded, and you can fully appreciate the beauty and history of Antalya while enjoying pleasant weather.

Travel Information

Currency: The official currency in Antalya is the Turkish Lira (TRY). While some businesses may accept major credit cards, it's advisable to have some cash on hand, especially in more remote areas.

Language: The primary language spoken in Antalya is Turkish. English is often understood and spoken in tourist areas, but it's helpful to know a few basic Turkish phrases for smoother communication.

Credit Cards and ATMs: Credit cards like Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in Antalya, particularly in hotels, restaurants, and shops. ATMs are readily available throughout the city, making it easy to withdraw cash when needed.

Plugs: Antalya uses Type F electrical outlets, which have two round pins. The standard voltage is 230V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz. Travelers from countries with different plug types may need a plug adapter.

Safety: Antalya is generally considered safe for tourists. However, as with any destination, it's essential to take precautions. Be mindful of your belongings, avoid poorly lit or isolated areas at night, and stay informed about any local safety recommendations during your visit.

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Aspendos Theatre

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